When we started the Downtown Concert Series four years ago we had high hopes for its future. Since then, in large part thanks to your support, we have grown the series every year. You have sponsored us, bought tickets and told your friends about the series.

It is because of you that we are culminating this season with a spectacular event. In fact, we don't think of it as the end of this season, instead we think of it as the launch of our Fifth Anniversary season.

On May 10, 2014 at 7:30 we celebrate with the exquisite sounds of Shattered Glass. They are an extraordinary conductor-less orchestra. The largest ensemble we have ever presented. The biggest concert we have ever produced. They recently had their Carnegie Hall premiere and were so well received they are returning to the famous stage later this summer.

They join a long list of former DCS performers that have continued to move the world with their artistry, counting DCS as one of the stops they remember fondly. We have consistently heard marvelous things from the artists, praising the acoustics of the church and the engagement and enthusiasm of our audiences.

We have also enjoyed watching them go forth after their DCS concerts, proud to have been part of their careers. Recently we saw New York Polyphony nominated for their second Grammy. The Parker Quartet performing with a treasured Stradivarius at the Library of Congress. Just a few weeks ago Sybarite5 started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to create and produce a new kind of music festival, one very much in the spirit of DCS. And that is just a sample.  

But above all, we are so grateful for your kind words of encouragement and your support. To celebrate you, our audience, we have planned something very special, an opportunity available exclusively the night of May 10, during the Shattered Glass performance.

We want you to secure your Fifth Anniversary season tickets early, at the best prices, before they go on sale to the general public. On that night, purchase tickets for five concerts for only $85.

Yes, five tickets, because the Fifth Anniversary Season will feature FIVE concerts, one each in September and November 2014, and January, March, and May 2015.

To further say thanks for your continued help telling your friends about the series, with each subscription you purchase we will include an additional FREE ticket to the September 2014 concert for you to share with a friend.

We are looking forward to what's ahead for DCS and look forward to seeing you at the Shattered Glass concert.